Inside the Los Alamos, California General Store, which was built in 1880 and still retains much of its historic charm, sits Café Quackenbush.

Jesper Johansson, drawing on his life-long love of food, began cooking at Café Quackenbush at its inception, shortly after the General Store was remodeled in 1999.  A graduate of the Santa Barbara Culinary School and a native of Sweden, Jesper is an enthusiastic chef that delights customers with his flavorful take on many ordinary breakfast and lunch dishes.  He’s also known to be a true creative type, offering his patrons exciting and exotic dishes from around the world.  And you won’t find these specials on the menu – but instead, scrawled on a chalkboard behind the register. Make sure to pair your meal with a glass of delicious regional wine, or one of their handcrafted beers.

Blended into the restaurant is the old-fashioned and endearing general store, which hosts the art gallery as well as crafts and antiques for sale. After you’ve finished your meal, you’ll want to browse the gallery, which features beautiful pencil drawings, watercolors, and seascapes.  The upstairs of the general store hosts a real estate office – for those who love Los Alamos, California so much they decide to call it home.

Deemed a “true treasure” by guests, Café Quackenbush is surprisingly unique. The restaurant opens up to a roomy patio where guests can enjoy their meal while taking in the temperate climate and historic views of Los Alamos, California.  When the weather doesn’t cooperate, the comfortable café offers a great place to relax and linger over a delicious meal. Better yet, ask to be seated among the paintings in the art gallery.

This little gem of a restaurant is both quirky and unexpected in the sleepy town of Los Alamos.  But the vote is unanimous, if you’re in the area, Café Quackenbush should be on your itinerary.  Some would argue it alone is reason enough to make the trip to Los Alamos, California.